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Sep 26

Forest School, Beijing, China.

Forest School @ Hyde Academy today was fun with a bug we need to identify and we hope we dug up ginseng.

May 18

Michael and Joshua’s Birthday Party

It was double the fun at the twins, Michael’s and Joshua’s 6th Birthday Party. The ninjas landed in the wood to zap the energy from the evil Nindroid. They took control of base camp and made a fire. They made tools and weapons and used their eagle eyes to track the enemy through the woodland. Finally they were able to swap this energy for ninja energy…..burgers! Yum Yum!

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Feb 09

Joseph’s Skylanders Trap Team Forest Party

Happy 6th Birthday Joseph! The Skylanders Trap Team were able to keep the Trolls and Goblins at bay by using their  powers and specially crafted weapons. They defeated the Painyatta piñata and made the Forest a safer place for us all. Well done team!

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Jan 12

What to wear at Joseph’s party.

It’s still officially winter, so it’s best to wear layers of clothes to ensure you stay warm. It’s also quite wet and the ground in the park is quite boggy so wearing waterproofs and wellington boots are a good idea, A hat and gloves will keep you extra snug.

Joseph in park

Dec 17

Noah’s Minecraft Explorers’ Party – 14.12.14

Happy 9th Birthday party Noah! A party with a Minecraft theme created a really exciting time for this group of 8 and 9 year olds. We made minecraft weapons and tools, hunted for minecraft pigs, built shelters and slayed a Creeper piñata…all fantastic fun!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4 WP_20141214_007

Nov 10

Noah’s Party – What to Wear

winter clothesNoah’s Party Sunday 14th December

Urban Forest Adventures: Minecraft Explorers Party. Dress for the winter outdoors. You need: a warm hat, scarf and gloves, a warm waterproof coat and warm waterproof trousers. Wellington boots with thick socks or winter boots. Layers will keep you warm. It may look warm outside but in the forest it will be cooler.


Aug 31

Mikey’s 4th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Mikey!  What a great morning we had today!

We made bracelets from gnome snot (eeuh!), rebuilt Glog’s village, drank hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows on the fire. Sang songs and wished Mikey a “Happy Birthday to you”, We created our own medals to celebrate Mikey’s special day. Wow!

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Aug 01

Commonwealth Games @ Highbury Park

A great time creating our own horses to take part in a gymkhana. We made our own medals and decorated them with woodland gems!


May 04

Lauren’s 5th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday and many thanks to Lauren and her friends for making this Urban Forest Adventures party a really special time!


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May 04

Earth Stars

Party urban forest adventurers can make beautiful earth stars like this one as part of their party package.bamboo star

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